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Forging Marketing


Rezonence has created FreeWall® - a system for creating, distributing and serving a unique style of marketing conversation. Unlike traditional advertising, FreeWall® delivers proven engagement with a reader by granting access to premium content in return for accepting a meaningful brand message or experience. Marketing no longer passes by in an unread banner ad. Instead, it becomes something rewarding, that requires a degree of involvement and focus.


Tangible Value

It’s generally accepted that effective marketing consists of a dialogue between brands and their customers or prospects yet traditional advertising is largely a spray-and-pray vehicle. FreeWall® educates and rewards; building lasting relationships of tangible value. In addition, FreeWall® can track the context in which they were served, adding rich data to the profile of the reader. This helps qualify subsequent offers, sharpen retargeting and increase ad rates.


For Everyone

Monetising valuable content is the biggest challenge for publishers today. FreeWall® offers a new and effective way forward. By rewarding engagement, FreeWall® can build a new value-proposition for publishers of quality media.
Advertisers also benefit from the insight that each FreeWall® provides. No other marketing vehicle can connect detailed media consumption patterns with rich data on brand engagements. FreeWall® technology ensures that every campaign can be measured and that budgets are spent effectively. Our goal is to increase ROI reliably and in a replicable manner.

IMPROVING business models by


Never before has a marketing medium engaged readers so demonstrably.

FreeWall® delivers content to an audience with a proven desire to receive it.

FreeWall® messages serve as a catalyst as opposed to an interruption.

Advertisers create conversations and learn more about the participants.

Publishers access richer data and can monetise their content more effectively.



There are a host of features that make the FreeWall® solution attractive to publishers and advertisers. Increased engagement, longer dwell times, better data insight, are all appealing benefits. FreeWall® helps publishers maximise revenues for their valuable content and brands can finally ensure they’re paying for engagement rather than just wallpaper.


Repeating something back is a very powerful way of committing it to memory. In technical terms active recall is preferred over passive review and the world’s education system is based on it, hence homework and exams. The FreeWall® AdUnit requires the user to actively recall the message of the ad and hence the user is substantially more likely to remember the message providing advertisers a powerful tool to build brand/product awareness.


The FreeWall® AdUnit is designed to be fully responsive; the same ad unit can be used on multiple publishers’ sites each with their own layout and column widths. The AdUnit automatically scales to fit the column it sits in. They're mobile friendly and the same ad unit can be used for desktop and mobile sites without modification. Go ahead, load this site up on your smartphone and see the demo fit effortlessly into its new surroundings.


Ad or banner blindness means that on average 90% of web banners are simply ignored. Blindness can rise to as high as 98% when a user is very familiar with a website’s layout. This means that a huge number of impressions are simply wasted. Because FreeWall® engages with the reader, ad-blindness and wastage are reduced; delivering approximately a 10x more effective reach than any configuration of standard banner.


The FreeWall® server provides frequency capping on a per article or site-wide basis; rationing the number of times a FreeWall® AdUnit appears to a user. An article limit can be set so that once a user has cleared the AdUnit, they will not see it again on that article for a given number of days. For example, a site-wide limit of 10 a week would ensure that once a user has cleared 10 AdUnits (even in one day) they would not see any more until a week after the first one.



  • Your idea is so simple but simply brilliant. It’s exactly what we need to return more profits to our shareholders.

    Global Publisher
  • A fine idea. Good for publishers, good for agencies. Best of all, it’s great for brands.

    International Advertising Agency
  • We love FreeWall! If we’re right, this could be one of the biggest breakthroughs in advertising for a decade.

    UK Publisher



Prashanth Naidu

Prashanth Naidu – Founder

Having studied physics at Cambridge, Prash is a real “rocket scientist”. He has always had an entrepreneurial streak, founding his first dotcom straight after graduating and subsequently working in two start-up hedge funds. A perfectionist at heart, he loves solving sophisticated problems with cutting edge technology. Rezonence has finally allowed Prash to blend the roles of entrepreneur and technical wizard.

Rowly Bourne

Rowly Bourne – Founder

At first glance, you could easily be fooled into thinking that Rowly was a quintessential banker. True, he has an impeccable pedigree. He’s smart and sophisticated but there is a lot more to Rowly than most bankers. It’s his open approach coupled with a willingness to challenge the status quo that sets him apart. After qualifying as a chartered accountant at Ernst & Young, Rowly followed a traditional route into M&A banking at Citigroup, specialising in TMT. He is well qualified to build colossal value for both Rezonence and its customers.

Tim Greatrex

Tim Greatrex – Founder

Knowledgeable people in the advertising industry don’t usually require an introduction to Tim, they will have already heard of him. Over the last 27 years, he has been at the helm of major firms such as ZenithOptimedia, Freelance Media, a2a Group, Avenue A or Razorfish UK and Film24. Apart from his wealth of knowledge and experience in the digital advertising space, he also maintains a portfolio of early stage companies where he provides invaluable advice and guidance. Rezonence is his current favourite.

Rod Banner

Rod Banner – Chairman

Passionate, gregarious and contemporary, Rod has lived his commercial life blending Technology and Marketing Communications. The new marketing landscape thrills Rod to bits and scares his peers to death. He has built, run and sold multi-million dollar businesses and loves new challenges. An angel investor, he also enjoys various consulting, advisory and mentoring roles. He adds a powerful personal network, an exuberant approach and a headful of industry knowledge.

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